Las Playitas: Typical Coastal Town & Sport Resort

Las Playitas is a small town situated at the South-East coast of Fuerteventura with a volcanic black beach. You can find here an interesting combination of tradition and tourism. At one side of the hill you have a typical coastal town and at the other side you can find a sport resort for tourists. It's quite a contrast, but definitely worth a visit. Its beach is never really crowded, it has a beach bar and you can stroll along the promenade where you can find several fish restaurants with very nice views.

Exploring the small town doesn't take you long, so after a while you end up at the sport resort where you can watch tourists suffering during their aerobic work outs or swim in the olympic pool. If you like surrealism, you should go and check out the golf course. Seeing a whole field of green green grass in Fuerteventura contrasting the arid volcanic landscape takes you straight to Dalí's world.


For the hikers among us, from Las Playitas (at the end of the restort, next to the beach) you can start a nice walk over the hills which takes you to the town of Gran Tarajal (about 40 min., the path is quite steep so it is not recommendable for beginners), passing a nice little tranquil bay.

Las Playitas has also been the backdrop for a film called "The Lighthouse of the Whales" (El Faro de las Orcas de Gerardo Olivares, 2016). Talking about lighthouses, from Las Playitas it is only a 6 km drive to the Entallada Lighthouse where you can enjoy the scenic views (we will discuss the Entallada Lighthouse with more detail in another blog post).


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