Morro Jable: Lighthouse & Breathtaking Beaches

Morro Jable is situated in the very South of the Fuerteventura and is easily accessible via the main motorway FV-2. Before the tourism boom Morro Jable was a small fisher's village, but nowadays it is a very touristy place and it feels like the old part of the town is pushed aside by hotels, shopping centres and the typical restaurants for tourists offering you all kinds of food from all over the world except authentic local dishes. Nevertheless if your are looking for German pints and English breakfast, this is the place to be! We recommend you to take a walk on the wild side and leave the beaten path and get lost in the old part of town, although it is quite small. What we really LOVE about Morro Jable is its lighthouse and the very beautiful, wide and super long beach with crystalline water where you can walk for hours!

At the very end of the town you can find its port from where you can take the ferry to go to Gran Canaria or Tenerife and where you can find a large offer of boat excursions and dolphin spotting. Worth visiting is the Turtle Nursery, located in this same port, where they breed turtles to reintroduce them in Canarian waters and take care of the animals in unfavourable conditions so they can survive and be returned to their natural habitat (opening hours: 10am - 1pm, Saturday & Sunday closed).

Morro Jable is also your starting point if you want to visit the awesome beach of Cofete and the legendary Villa Winter (by car, at your own risk, or with a 4X4 bus), situated in the nature park of Jandía. The hikers among us can start from Morro Jable the climb to the highest top of Fuerteventura, el Pico de la Zarza (807 meters). More about these magical places in another blog post.


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